As I’m sure my filing may sometimes only make sense to me, have a list of the categories my blog posts are sorted under and what they mean.

Extended Postcards – Posts about travels I make round the country and the world.

Germanic Related Things – Posts that have to do with German or Germany, from vocab lists to what not to say to a German student to the German Christmas Market in Birmingham.

Go Forth and Be An Adult – Posts to do with the slightly scary world of being a grown up.

Harry Potter Appreciation Life – Posts embracing all things Harry Potter from irl Quidditch to Harry Potter in translation.

Kat Tries to Review – Posts where I review stuff, shockingly. From phone apps to books to films.

Language Learning – Posts to do with, you guessed it, language learning – whether vocab or comments on how my languages skills are.

Linguistically speaking – Posts about linguistics, in German, in English, in swing dancing…

Out and About (Year Abroad) – Posts detailing my travels during my year abroad.

Room to Swing a Kat? – Posts about swing and possibly other kinds of dance.

Waxing Lyrical – Posts that are vaguely creative

Weekly Updates (Year Abroad) – Posts which detail my weekly doings during my year abroad.

Year Abroad – All posts from my year abroad in Germany, Sept. 2013 – June 2014.

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