Time for Tea: Melbourne Breakfast

Tea is a big deal in my house. If you can remember my post about my new house, I talked about how much tea we had. That hasn’t changed. Well…actually, the numbers gone up.


So. Much. Tea

So, I was going to do a whole blog post about my favourite teas. And while it would have meant being able to make, like, 8 cups of tea in one go for some very pretty photos, it’s way too warm for that. And so this is the start of a series that probably doesn’t have a end about my favourite teas.


I introduce you to: Melbourne Breakfast

Melbourne Breakfast entered my life, courtsey of a friend who served it at her house. It was a++, exactly what was needed after casual drinks in the nearby pub. Then it came into my house via Beth, who bought me some for my birthday.

It’s sold by Tea2 as bags and as loose leaf tea. You can get in in bright yellow cubes of 25 bags or 100g or in large foil packs or tins of 60 bags or 250g. Beth bought me a gift cube of it, and we drank all of it in a week and a half.

20170502_111203 (2)

It’s so bright. I love it.

The description says ‘A deep and warming tea with a hint of sweetness, reminiscient of Melbourne. Full bodied with vanilla notes. An essential tea.’ I think that’s pretty bang on, though I’ve never been to Melbourne so can’t speak to that. I love this tea because its comforting. And because it’s part vanilla, it’s perfect morning, noon and night.

I think how fast me and Beth drank it when we first had it in our house speaks for itself. Oh, and one of our friends came over that week, tried it too, loved it so much that she went and bought some for herself. Legit good tea.

Was not sponsored in any way to make this post. The cup of it I drank while writing this post was made from teabags I bought – I just really love Melbourne Breakfast tea.

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