Springing Forward

It’s finally Spring! The sun is still in the sky when I leave work, the daffodils I planted have flowered and there’s a promise in the air that warmth is right around the corner.

So I thought I’d share 3 good things Spring has brought so far apart from increased vitamin D and the ability to be in the garden past 4.30pm.

1) Doing Things

I don’t know about you but Spring makes me want to do stuff. Winter makes me want to stay in under a blanket with a hot drink, but Spring is for being outside and seeing friends and generally Doing Things.

Most notably yesterday I went to Jump In in Walsall, which is a huge trampoline park, with mates I hadn’t seen in ages. It was great fun though I am now hobbling round due to my lack of fitness and inability to jump successfully from one trampoline to another.

2) Gardening

There’s some major gardening going on at my house. We’ve been digging up the lawn to redesign the front garden. There’ll be a fuller post about it when it’s all done.

Beth valiantly digging up the grass

There’s lots of seedlings near various windows and my hands are soil lined most weekends.

Fun fact: gardening is hard work and probably shouldn’t be attempted after trampolining.

3) Healthy Eating

Winter is for hot stodge. Spring welcomes in a variety of deliciousness that extends past pies, curries and stews.

That’s 7 types of veg right there

Green is an important colour

All the veg and all the deliciousness you could want when it starts getting warmer and fresher and lovelier.

All in all, Spring is shaping up to be a great time of year. I’m looking forward to new adventures, new food and a great looking garden. What are you looking forward to this Spring?


Food Round Every Corner

I promised a blog post on great food in Barcelona and here it is. There was such great food everywhere in Barcelona, including bakeries down every side street that it was a) difficult to track everywhere we ate because we ate alot and b) to narrow down what exactly to put in this post. But I have managed to do it. Behold, the best places we ate in Barcelona.


Off La Rambla, the vegetarian bistro Rassoterra is down a side street and inside is gorgeous inside – modern and chic and low lit.

The menu varies dependent on what’s in season and all of it looked incredible.

The best colour for food to be

Everything we had was fantastic, but beetroot soup was definitely the highlight.


Serving street food and craft beer Chivuo’s was a life saver on the first night we got to Barcelona. Then it turned out to be so great we went back another night.

Jam jar beer and chili popcorn

It’s a little hipster so if you’re not into that, this probably isn’t the place for you. But if you’re looking for great beer in jam jars and street food snacks, I highly reccommend Chivou’s.

Flax and Kale

Serving vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food along side meat and fish, Flax and Kale was highly reccommended and it turned out to be worth the half hour wait.

The presentation was great

Such a great combination of colours

I started with the fish taco, (though it turns out I don’t like fish tacos) and Beth had feta and watermelon, which I feel shouldn’t have worked but was fantastic.

Colours like the food fight in Hook

 Have I mentioned how much colour the food had?

Then Beth went vegan with stuffed courgette flowers which was one of the most colourful meals I’ve ever seen. And I had mini salmon burgers. I still think about these burgers in an almost daily basis. That’s how good they were.

Flax and Kale is guaranteed to have something even someone with the strictest of dietary requirements can eat, and that dish’ll be delicious. If you can reserve a table, do. While the restaurant is worth the wait, the waiting area gets a bit cramped.


We found Bacoa by accident in Madrid, but we loved it so much we went there on purpose in Barcelona.

Avacado for days

Beetroot and bacon = a fantastic burger

With a tick box menu, Bacoa makes it really easy to get exactly what you want. For me that was beetroot on a burger, and Beth that was smothering her food in avacado. Anything is possible when you eat at Bacoa.

Eyescream and Friends

Ice cream with eyes. What more could you want?

Each flavour has its own character and there are so many different topping to choose from. If you’re looking for something slightly different, Eyescream is the way to go.


A bar slash club that becomes the best place to get brunch when the sun comes up sounds like a pipedream. But Milk does exactly that.

We only went for brunch so I can’t comment on their bar slash club aspect, but this was the best brunch I’ve ever had.

Possibly the best food I’ve ever had

French toast with yoghurt and redcurrants was incredible. I would go back to Barcelona just for that.

Beth described it as vegetarian hangover cure

Beth had avacado, tomatoes, feta and egg on toast, which looked delicious too. Basically, go to Milk. The staff are lovely and the food is amazing. Just go.