Last Second Shopping

Christmas is next week. A shocking statement as I’m sure it was August yesterday, but a true one. In case you’re still lacking a few gifts, here are my top picks for a whole bushel* of different presents.

‘The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet’ by Becky Chambers

At some point this book will get a blog post all to itself. It is so good, my friends. So good. Sci fi that has hope for the future, that manages to be mostly non anthropocentric, and is so joyful. Every time I read it, I can’t put it down.

Ghostbusters (2016)

As I may have mentioned, I love the new Ghostbusters. It’s funny, well plotted and kicks butt, making it the perfect film to share this Christmas.

Grow Your Own Cocktail

I have a lot of friends who enjoy growing things, and I have a lot of friends who enjoy a drink. Putting the two together was easy thanks to Plant and Grow, who have packs of seeds to grow and then enjoy as part of a cocktail.

Saga (volume 1)

This graphic novel is Romeo and Juliet set in a sci fi world, where the leads, Alana and Marko, are on opposite sides in a galaxy wide war. It does have some adult content, so gift with caution.

Uni the Unicorn Night Light

So Facebook did both an aggressive and excellent job of advertising the website Firebox.com to me, and I’m kinda glad they did, because it is a fantastic website full of weird and wonderful things. My favourite? A stocky, cuddly looking unicorn night light that’s so adorable.

I hope you have a great holiday season (Merry Christmas if you’re celebrating). Now the tinsel is up, I have fairy lights everywhere and my friends are coming over today to eat turkey dinosaurs like grown ups. It’s gonna be the most wonderful time of the year.


Christmasfying the House

With Christmas rapidly approaching, me and my girlfriend are starting to get in the Christmas spirit. It means tinsel everywhere, an abundance of fairy lights and, of course, finding a Christmas tree to support all of the baubles that we’ve collected.


The Christmas suitcase overfloweth with decorations

Which means this blog post is gonna be all about the baubles that we have, because frankly, we have bought some great baubles and I’m too excited about Christmas to blog about anything else right now.


Paperchase planets

Paperchase have some excellent baubles this year, and we could not resist at all. This set of 4 is so gorgeous and look like planets, and are generally a touch of class to a tree which also has a lot of dumb baubles on it.


The cutest deer ever

I’d never heard of Sass & Belle before a recent trip to London, where we found ourselves in their Covent Garden shop. They have so many adorable things that it was a little overwhelming. This deer is one of the hundreds* of decorations we bought from them..


Cheerleading crocodile

What is a Christmas tree without a cheerleading crocodile? Thanks to Paperchase, we will never have to know, as we have the most fantastically ridiculous bauble.


Poms poms everywhere

I’m a sucker for pom poms, even though they don’t photograph spectacularly well. They’re so fluffy and fun and I would like to order ten please. John Lewis have some pom pom tinsel as well as the singular one that I bought and they’re so great.


And those are my favourite baubles (until I spot more that I fall in love with). There’s still a few more things to go on it, but the house is feeling pretty Christmassy right now. Long may it continue.

*slight over exaggeration


Good Food, Good Day

Last Sunday I was at the Good Food Show in Birmingham with Beth (you remember Beth) and Caramel Latte Kiss (who is a real life friend as well as an excellent blogger).

All my fav cooks

The plan was to try all the free samples and perhaps spend a little too much money. I can confirm, Mission Completed.

I might have bought several meters of liquorice

The Good Food Show was huge and the variety of stuff there was ridiculous. We started in the alcohol section before working our way round everyone, including every cheese counter, liquorice stall and purveyor of tea.

Tiny glasses to make you feel like a giant

Obviously, it’s the Good Food show, so you expect everything to be good. So have a list of the really good stuff.

1. Clonakilty Black Pudding

They had the best sausages. End of. We tried them at the start of the day and ended up making a beeline for them again later so we could take some home with us.

Fun facts: I made the best ever Toad in the Hole with them.

2. Bloomon

Okay, not technically food. They’re a flower delivery service whose arrangements use seasonal flowers. Their instagram is full of gorgeous photos of what exactly they do and they gave me an iris after I’d been chatting to them. They were the loveliest.

Small Beth with a big Iris

3. Holly’s Lollies

Alcoholic sweets are always a good idea. Holly’s lollies were so good that we spent a lot of time hovering trying to figure out the best combination of boozy flavours.

4. The Mill House Roast Company 

The best turkey roll I have ever had. No exaggeration, I’m getting hungry just thinking about it.