Welcome to my Crib v2

I’m back! Kind of… This blog comes to you courtsey of 3G. Despite having moved in with my girlfriend over a month ago, we still don’t have broadband. It’s a work in progress, but I’ve missed you guys, so 3G it is.

Back when this blog was still a Year Abroad blog, I did a post about my room. And I thought, as moving in with Beth has been the highlight of my year, that I’d show you the cool bits of our house.

So many house guardians 

Our mantelpiece is full of totoro and hippogriffs and pokemon and dorky dinosaurs from Iceland. They’re cute and cuddly and look after the house while we’re not there.

Hoxton Monster Supplies do great business out of us

I’ve mentioned Hoxton Street Monster Supplies before in this post, but since then I’ve been to the actual shop not just the Liberty’s pop up.

HSMS is fantastic, a childhood dream come true. It sells salt made from tears, tinned fear and fang floss for even the most discerning werewolves.

All proceeds go to the Ministry of Stories, a creative writing and mentoring charity for children. It’s a great place to visit and a great place to support. It keeps our kitchen well stocked with the Collywobbles and Mortal Terror.


We have a space wall. Because space is great and we might become an interplanetary species. Also, Nasa do some really fantastic space posters.

Most important part of the house

 Behold the tea shelf. The heart of the home. A world of choice and none of them wrong. At last count there were at least 20… We may have a problem. A warming, mood lifting, cup full of a problem.

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