Who You Gonna Call?

The original Ghostbusters came out in 1984 and starred Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Ernie Hudson as the titular group. An iconic piece of pop culture, I watched it as a teenager as part of my 80s films phase. It was enjoyable, but I’ve not rewatched it since.

I’ve seen the new Ghostbusters film twice now. If the cinemas near me were still showing it at convenient times, I’d go see it again. Suffice to say, I really really enjoyed it. Starring Kristen Wigg, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon as the paranormal fighting bunch, it’s enjoyable and funny.

However, the film was receiving backlash before it was even released. Mostly because of the all female cast, partially because it was remake. Some people think it should be a continuation of the Ghostbusters series, rather than a reboot, which I think is a fair criticism. I’m quite happy with it being a reboot, but I didn’t love the original series, so that’s why I think that. As for all the retaliation, because they cast women in the lead roles … It’s time, okay? It’s 2016, women can be the lead in films other than rom coms.

Because I’ve seen it twice, I’ve been asked my opinion on the film a few times, so below find my frequently asked questions. Hope it helps if you’ve not seen it yet.

  1. Is it an enjoyable film?

Yes. Yes, it’s a highly enjoyable film. Laughs and scares and highly likable characters. Even the creator of the original Ghostbusters loved it. It’s everything a summer film should be. I would so suggest you go and see it.

Dan Aykroyd thumbs up

Dan Aykroyd’s facebook page giving Ghosbuster (2016) the thumbs up.

  1. Is it a good film?

Tricky question. It’s a silly film, like the original Ghostbusters, and for me the answer to this questions would be ‘well, it’s not going to win an Oscar’. But the original Ghostbusters was nominated for 2 Oscars. So who knows?

The CGI is fantastic, the acting is so good, and the plot makes sense. No glaring holes that I can think so.

  1. Is it like the original?

Much like every other reboot or series continuation, Ghostbusters has its fair share of shout outs and homage paying moments. But unlike Jurassic World, they’re not jarring, and the plot is different enough to the original to feel like you could have just watched the original.

  1. Isn’t Hollywood doing too many remakes?

Quite possibly. For me, it’s weird because I haven’t seen a lot of the originals (Jurassic Park, Star Wars…), so to me they’re entirely new films. But maybe Hollywood’s out of ideas. Who knows?

  1. Was it weird that all the main characters were female?

It was weird. But it shouldn’t be weird that there’s a film with 4 female leads, who are not sexualised, are never the butt of sexist or size-ist jokes, who so totally kick ass.

Women in films are never portrayed like this. Usually there’s only one woman who has to represent all of womankind, who looks a certain way to fit certain beauty standards, who either is the damsel in distress, or ends up fighting the only other woman in the film, who is never the main bad guy.

Watching Ghostbusters, particularly the climatic fight scene, made my heart swell three sizes. Because for what feels like the first time ever, I got to see women fight like men get to. That is to say, go all out fighting for their lives, not in spandex, not in sexy positions, but with badass music and proton guns galore.


I can’t quite explain how much this film means to me. And I know that its had such an emotional response for me, because of the portrayal of women in it. Which is great, and a good reason to go see the film anyway. However, that aside, you should go see it because it’s fun and silly and so enjoyable.