Surprise Post

As an adult, I get to spend my money as I want, whether that’s on dinosaur sheets or all the Christmas decorations I can carry. After rent, food and bills, obvs. Which means I can pay for post. And I do love post.

My Little Box is a French based company, who each month send out boxes filled with goodies in the fashion, lifestyle and beauty vein. Facebook kept advertising them to me, particularly the fact that with the code FIRSTBOX it would only cost £11. So I figured it would be worth buying at least one.


Bam – surprise post.

To be honest, because it was over a week before it arrived, I’d kind of forgotten about it, and so was SUPER excited to get post. And the excitement didn’t stop when I opened it. The November box was the My Little Sweet box and so it was decorated with cooking illustrations and is super cute.


So cute.

But of course, what really matters is what’s inside it. Well, there’s an adorable apron, semi witty decals for kitchenware, a mini magazine, 5 ml of perfume, beauty oil and a hand cream. The decals are my favourite, because I’m a sucker for amusing stickers. The apron’s pretty great too. I feel super cute in it and it saves my jeans from me wiping floury hands on them.


All of the things.

The perfume is really nice – I’ve been wearing it all since I opened the box. The hand cream’s alright, but I think it’s meant to be more about the smell than its moisturising capabilities. Which I don’t think it usually the point of hand cream. And as for the beauty oil, I have no idea what you’re meant to use that for. The packaging says that it’s a “nourishing oil for your face, body and hair.” … Right. If anyone knows what that means, let me know.

According to various pieces of paper in the box, the whole thing is worth around £50 and considering I paid £11, that seems pretty good. Course, it’s only worth it if you use and like the things you get in the box. Happily, I like everything bar the oil, and that’s mostly because I haven’t got a clue what it’s meant to do.

So was it worth it? Yeah. I think so. Especially when you factor in the greatness of surprise post. If you want to know more about My Little Box, you can find their website here. As Facebook is still advertising FIRSTBOX as a promo, I’m guessing you can still use it and get a box for £11. And then you can always cancel your subscription, if £15 a month seems too steep after the first one. Even if you don’t subscribe, you should check out their website because it is the most adorable. And if you do subscribe, let me know what you think.

[Note: This is not a sponsored post. My Little Box didn’t ask me to write this. I signed up and thought the box was awesome – hence the post.]

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