So long, Farewell

University is most assuredly over. I’ve got results (graduating with a 2:1 – boom), I’ve been given farewell drinks by the university and now housemates are starting to move out. And it’s the last one of those things that’s really made it feel like university is over.

Getting results happens every year and so it doesn’t really say END OF UNI in big solid letters. But the fact that my friends are dispersing is bringing it home. One of my housemates I met on the first day of university. Now he’s moving to Sheffield and starting a PhD in September. And I’m going to be who knows where.

Thankfully we have the internet and mobile technology, which means even if I end up on the opposite side of the world, I can still easily keep in touch with my friends. But it’s not quite the same. There will be no more bumping into my housemates on the stairs and then chatting for half an hour. There will be no more late night cups of tea. There will be no more house.

It is difficult to say good bye, even when I know I can keep in touch so easily. Even when it’s probable we’re going to see each other again. Goodbye in English is so final. At least in German it’s “Till I see you again.”

University has been excellent and it’s mostly due to my friends. Especially the ones I’ve been lucky enough to live with. And I’m trying not to get sappy here, because no-one wants that. And I’m trying desperately not to do the grand public sentiment thing, but dash it all. Ev, Lucy and Ryan – it’s been great. You were excellent housemates for both of the years we lived together. I’ll catch you on the internet. Hopefully in real life too.

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