And now the weather…

I asked my boss for the next 8 months, aka the headteacher at the school I’m working at, whether there’s a dress code, and as it turns out there’s not. Most people wear jeans, which excellent news for me, bearing in mind I live in my jeans. Jeans and dresses, that’s me.

However, in Thüringen (the state I’m going to be living in) it apparently gets cold in September, and it can be snowing from October. This is somewhat disconcerting, bearing in mind in England we’re lucky if we get snow at all. So I have gone on a mad dash to buy warm clothes.

This means I’ve been trying on jumpers in shops without air conditioning while it’s still warm, because the weather’s suddenly remembered it’s still summer. Which is even less fun than it sounds.

But I’m more excited about Germany now. The prospect of real snow in a country where they can cope with snow is making me look forward to it, for the first time in a good while. And the collection of jumpers piled around me is making the fact that a week on Sunday I’m leaving for a far flung place more real. And more than a little warm.

4 thoughts on “And now the weather…

  1. You’ll be amazed at their ability to cope with the weather in Germany. Last year I was on a school outing with a bunch of Year 10 girls to Bonn when we were hit by an absolutely brutal snowstorm. The 2 hour trip back took 5 hours instead. Luckily our driver was an absolute champion, weaving around all the stuck lorries and cars.

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